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We Are Desert.

We are Ocean.

CEDO Intercultural bridges borders, not boundaries. We’re a powerful team, working together to tackle shared environmental and community challenges.


Years Established


Donors & Supporters


Programs Supported

CEDO Intercultural is a unique collaboration between non-profit organizations in Mexico and the United States.

Operating under a United Executive Committee and inspired by a vision, mission, and strategic programs, CEDO pools its resources and experiences to offer realistic environmental and community solutions that recognize, respect, and drive cultural, socio-economic, and biological interconnection and preservation of Oceans and Deserts between Mexico and the United States.


CEDO’s integrated approach combines a wide array of disciplines (education, capacity building, research and monitoring, climate-change assessment and adaptation, and economic initiatives), and is being scaled to address the needs of more than nine coastal communities where thousands of people make their living from small-scale fisheries, tourism and associated economies.

Our Mission

To foster vibrant communities and resilient ecosystems in the Northern Gulf of California and other ecoregions by integrating people, knowledge and solutions.

Our Vision

Thriving Coastal Communities, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Healthy Ecosystems!

seal playing under green ocean

Our Projects

CEDO’s programs are designed to promote biodiversity conservation, fisheries co-management and community well-being with nature-based solutions. CEDO’s realistic, scientific and community-based solutions recognize, respect and take advantage of the cultural, socioeconomic and biological interconnections between local communities and their ecosystems.

Academic Services

We provide bicultural programs with educational institutions focused on the conservation of the ecosystems of the northern gulf of California.

School of the sea

Accredited as a Competency Certification and Evaluation Entity by the Federal CONOCER Program, which allows us to train, evaluate and certify competencies, based on competency standards.

CEDO Xperiences

CEDO’s vision and mission is to disseminate regional biocultural knowledge, generate information through citizen science, and provide environmentally and culturally responsible hands-on experiences.

Help Us Build a Better Tomorrow!

Donate Today to help build vibrant communities and healthy ecosystems in the Sonora Desert and the Northern Gulf of California.


Your Donation Writes Our History

The passion and care of generous people like you keeps us going, and we hope you will be proud of how we use these funds to benefit coastal communities, ecosystems and their biodiversity in the northern Gulf of California.


Vibrant Communities AND Healthy Ecosystems

Your full donation will go directly towards improving CEDO’s laboratory, offices, exhibits, field station and community center.

We’re a trusted Nonprofit in the United States and Mexico

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