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Education, Outreach & Communication

Our Programs

CEDO’s programs are designed to promote biodiversity conservation, fisheries co-management and community well-being with nature-based solutions. CEDO’s realistic, scientific and community-based solutions recognize, respect and take advantage of the cultural, socioeconomic and biological interconnections between local communities and their ecosystems.

Core Programs

  • Biodiversity Conservation: CEDO works with local communities to protect threatened species and ecosystems, focusing on collaborative management strategies that respect traditional knowledge and practices.
  • Fisheries Co-management: By involving fishers in decision-making and resource management, CEDO helps ensure the long-term sustainability of fisheries and the livelihoods of those who depend on them.
  • Community Well-being with Nature-Based Solutions: CEDO promotes programs that enhance the well-being of communities while protecting the environment. This includes initiatives like sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, and climate change adaptation strategies.


CEDO’s Impact

Through these programs, CEDO strives to build resilient communities and ecosystems. They achieve this by:

  • Providing knowledge for decision-making: CEDO gathers and shares scientific data to inform communities and policymakers.
  • Promoting community participation: They facilitate dialogue and collaboration between communities and stakeholders.
  • Enhancing education: CEDO offers educational programs to raise awareness about environmental issues and empower communities to take action.
  • Conserving cultural heritage: They recognize and celebrate the rich cultural traditions of the region and integrate them into sustainable practices.
  • Adapting to climate change: CEDO supports communities in developing strategies to cope with the changing climate.

By fostering collaboration and integrating cultural knowledge with scientific expertise, CEDO Intercultural plays a vital role in promoting a sustainable future for the US-Mexico border region.

Support Our Programs

Make a donation and help conserve the natural wonders and biodiversity of the Gulf of California.


Your Donation Writes Our History

The passion and care of generous people like you keeps us going, and we hope you will be proud of how we use these funds to benefit coastal communities, ecosystems and their biodiversity in the northern Gulf of California.


Vibrant Communities AND Healthy Ecosystems

Your full donation will go directly towards improving CEDO’s laboratory, offices, exhibits, field station and community center.