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Cultivating Ocean Champions

CEDO’S Educational Programs

CEDO Intercultural proudly invests in education, believing it holds the key to a brighter future for our oceans. For four decades, we’ve empowered thousands across Mexico and the U.S. with innovative learning experiences.

Here’s how we ignite passion for the environment:

  • Engaging Curricula: We continuously update our environmental education and School of the Sea programs, offering engaging content for children, youth, producers, local professionals, and tourists.
  • Specialized Skill-Building: Professional courses and competency certifications equip participants with valuable knowledge and skills in areas like sustainable fishing practices and marine conservation.
  • Reaching Diverse Audiences: Our inclusive approach caters to the specific needs of various groups, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn and contribute.

Sharing Best Practices: By actively sharing lessons learned, we scale the impact of our programs, reaching wider communities and driving positive change.

Our dedicated campus in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, provides the perfect platform for learning:

Join us on this journey towards a sustainable future. Discover the wonders of the ocean and empower yourself to make a difference!


Interactive Exhibits: Explore fascinating displays that tell the story of the region's unique ecosystems.


Nature Walk & Ponds: Immerse yourself in the Sonoran Desert flora and endemic fish species.


Fin Whale & Vaquita Skeletons: Learn about these iconic marine mammals and conservation efforts.


Resource Center: Access our library, laboratory, and lecture hall for deeper exploration.


Expert Guidance: Our team of experts and passionate volunteers deliver dynamic learning experiences.

Our Goals: 

  • National and international students from all grade levels possess knowledge of the region’s biocultural heritage and are proud of it, promote its conservation, and practice sustainable lifestyles, while promoting and respecting human rights, gender equality, and a culture of peace and global citizenship to achieve the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable Development.
  • Three specialized CEDO Intercultural courses available for professionals, regional producers, tourism service providers and other interested parties.
  • CEDO School of the Sea continuous education program aimed at formalizing training for regional fishermen and influence the development and well-being of coastal communities.

CEDO brings to the region:

  • Four decades of uninterrupted work, including generating information materials such as CEDO Tide Calendars, CEDO News, Voices of the Sea and the Desert, Fishing Between Tides, and radio programs, as well as environmental educational programs, such as environmental contests, beach cleanups, environmental movies, and our Wet Feet Summer Camp.
  • Experience in capacity building workshops for hundreds of regional coastal fishermen within the framework of environmental impact assessments and fisheries management.
  • Organizational infrastructure for education, training, and capacity building activities.
Map showing CEDO's impact on the region for 40 years