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CEDO Xperiences Eco Tours & Talks

CEDO offers the opportunity to explore the ocean and desert. Join us on one of our NaturArte ecotours.

CEDO offers the opportunity to explore the ocean and desert. Join us on one of our NaturArte ecotours.

Come hike in one of the largest sets of sand dunes in North America, kayak through the Morúa estuary canals or explore the marine diversity found in the tide pools of the northern Gulf of California.

Expert naturalists with experience in environmental education guide our tours in order to share knowledge, love and respect for the ecosystems we visit.

NaturArte is an award-winning conservation project, designed to strengthen links between tourists, local communities and ecosystems as well as to increase intercultural and environmental awareness.

CEDO’s Environmental Resources Center has been offering natural history talks about the region to residents and visitors for over 40 years.

These experiences have reached millions of people, raising their awareness of the biological and cultural richness of the Gulf of California and the Sonoran Desert.

satellite image of ocean and desert Baja California


When visiting our facilities in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, you can visit our Botanical Garden by yourself, see our Fin Whale Skeleton, 20 meters long! Enjoy the hand-painted mosaics from our Sea of ​​Support, learn about the Fish Pupo or puppy of the desert, see a Vaquita Marina Skeleton and visit our Gift Shop.

You may also enjoy a natural history talk on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm in English and at 4:00 pm in Spanish and on Saturdays at 2:00 pm in Spanish and at 4:00 pm in English.

Historically, CEDO’s Campus has also hosted groups of national and international students who enjoy various academic programs. To fulfill our guests increased need for tourist activities, and our local partners’ need to diversify their productive activities, CEDO Intercultural created CEDO Xperiences, a brand that integrates our community ecotourism businesses.

Xperiences is part of CEDO’s regional ecosystem protection strategy that fosters social development of the communities that depend on them; it helps create, promote and strengthen small scale businesses that comply with certain social and environmental requirements as part of a sustainable resource use model. Participating in any of these EcoAdventures allows the user to both experience an outdoor adventure, and contribute to the unique and marvelous ecosystems of the Sea of Cortes, Sonoran Desert and its inhabitants.

You are invited to join us on these expeditions that combine a learning experience with fun filled action, and at the same time contribute to local ecosystem conservation.


We have expanded CEDO’s vision and mission through information and capacity building to disseminate regional biocultural knowledge, generate information through citizen science, and provide environmentally and culturally responsible hands-on experiences in nature.


Aldemaro García
Pinacate & Gran Desierto de Altar

Visit the heart of the volcanic region of El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, the fourth largest land reserve in Mexico. One of the 13 wonders of Mexico, El Pinacate features incredible geologic, biologic, and cultural value.

Estuary Excursion

Traverse and explore a typical estuary located in the northwestern Mexican Sea of Cortés. Discover the vast diversity of species that inhabit them and enjoy fresh oyster products cultivated and harvested by a local women owned cooperative.

Kayak Caper

Navigate silently on a kayak through the tranquil waters of one of Puerto Peñasco’s estuaries and enjoy watching some of the rare and endemic bird species while learning from an expert naturalist guide all about estuary ecology, biology and human interaction.

Tide Pools

Witness the marvels hidden within the aquatic ecosystems of Tidepools. Learn about the unique factors associated with extreme tides, the ecosystem and spend hours unveiling the mysteries of life in the rocky intertidal reef with the entire family.

San Jorge Island

Travel by boat to the Upper Gulf of California to Isla San Jorge or Bird Island; a natural  area protected by the Mexican Federal Government. Home to a large sea lion colony where you’ll get the chance to snorkel or scuba dive.

Oyster Experience

Become an oyster farmer for a day and experience first-hand the processes associated with this gourmet and rural economic activity. Interact with the members of Punta Roja Cooperative to learn all about this interesting mollusk.

Dunes Destination

Let the breathtaking Great Desert of Altar’s sea of sand transport you to an ecosystem like no other in the entire northern hemisphere; the sand dunes of El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve.

Natural History Talks

Learn about the Upper Gulf of California’s natural processes associated with the formation of its oceans, landscapes, flora and fauna and human interactions through our iconic Natural History Talks. Enjoy and learn.

Ayúdanos a construir un mejor futuro

Dona hoy para ayudar a construir comunidades vibrantes y ecosistemas saludables en el Desierto de Sonora y el Golfo Norte de California.


Tu Donativo Escribe Nuestra Historia

La pasión y el cariño de personas generosas como usted nos hacen seguir adelante, y esperamos que se sienta orgulloso de cómo empleamos estos fondos en beneficio de las comunidades costeras, los ecosistemas y su biodiversidad en el norte del Golfo de California.


Comunidades Vibrantes y Ecosistemas Sanos

Tu donativo íntegro se destinará directamente a mejorar el laboratorio, las oficinas, las exposiciones, la estación de campo y el centro comunitario del CEDO.