Julie Xelowski-Brooker was formerly an Education Specialist at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. She was instrumental in developing its Warden Aquarium and Stingray Touch exhibits. In 2017, Julie retired from the Museum to live her life-long dream of sailing. Her career in marine science, environmental education, and love for the Gulf of California has been her passion. Her love for all things ocean, inspired her to become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor. Over the last 26 years Julie has certified hundreds students in the Gulf of California.

She has been diving and exploring the Gulf for over 30 years.Julie’s love for teaching was evident throughout her career, and is still obvious today. She often teaches marine science classes to fellow cruising families while sailing the Gulf of California, and always has a science project or two going with her grandsons. She spent time in South Australia instructing at the Marine Discovery Centre. Prior to that, she spent 6 years as the Programs Director at the San Francisco Bay Marine Science Institute. Before moving to San Francisco, Julie was the Education Director for the Sonoran Sea Aquarium Project, with offices at the Desert Museum.

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