Abelardo Castillo Rosas. Associate Specialist in Social Geography and Wildlife Management of Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans.

Mexican dedicated to his family, with Geography and Veterinary studies, and published works in nature photography and experience in more than twenty countries on board Greenpeace ships. Environmental educator with more than 25 years addressing environment and society issues in rural, indigenous and urban settings. Tireless promoter of youths and among his latest works include the Environmental Education Directorate of the State of Chiapas, passing through the reproduction of endangered species in the general curatorship of the Chiapas Regional Zoo Exhibition.

Collaborator in education and promotion of solar energy projects for rural communities in Mexico supported by Greenpeace and Solafrica; and currently Associate Specialist in Political Geography and Wildlife with the Intercultural Center for Ocean and Desert Studies A.C.

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