CEDO’s natural history talk (and exhibits-tour) is a well-known and long-running CEDO tradition; since our Executive Director Peggy J. Turk Boyer and her husband Rick Boyer opened our doors in 1980, they welcomed in visitors and gladly interrupted their work day to share knowledge and discuss solutions to the region’s environmental problems.

Today, we offer natural history talks two times per week to the visiting public. They are on Tuesdays & Saturdays at 2pm and at 4pm. The 2pm talk is in English and the 4pm is in Spanish. Please arrive in the courtyard of the main building (the one with the columns) 10min before the talk. Bring your family to learn about and ask questions about the Gulf of California’s extreme tides, the endangered vaquita porpoise, regional flora and fauna, conservation solutions, local fishing practices and cultures, CEDO’s current projects and much more!

*Our talks have always been free of charge, but we greatly appreciate donations made to CEDO after the talk.