From the United States: 
CEDO is located in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico in Las Conchas, a residential neighborhood, approximately 220 miles southwest of Tucson., Arizona. To find the best route for your trip to CEDO please click on the Sonora, Mexico and Southwest U.S. map listed below. Looking at this map will enable you to find the best route to get to Puerto Peñasco, depending on where you are entering Mexico from.

– Map of Sonora, Mexico and Southwest U.S. (PDF File courtesy of Sonora Turismo)

Once You’re in Puerto Peñasco:
Once you have found your way to Puerto Peñasco, click on the map of the city listed below. CEDO is located in Las Conchas, which is near the bottom of the map. Depending on how you are entering Puerto Peñaso there are a variety of ways for you to get to CEDO. If you are coming from U.S. via Mexican Highway 8 you can get to CEDO two different ways.

Mexican Highway 8 turns into the main road in town, Blvd. Benito Juarez. Stay on this road through town, cross the railroad tracks, and make a left at the traffic light at Freemont Blvd. After about a mile and a half there will be a sign for Las Conchas and CEDO on the right-hand side. Bear right, off the paved road and onto the dirt road leading to Las Conchas. Just past the CETMAR High School is the Las Conchas guard house entrance.  Just say “CEDO” and they’ll let you through. CEDO is about a mile past the guard house.  Stay on the main road, and you’ll see the whale skeleton, parking lot and CEDO signs to your right. Park and follow the walkway up to the visitor’s center and main building.

You can also get to CEDO via Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez. This road will be on your left hand side when you are first entering Puerto Peñasco on Highway 8. It will take you directly to Las Conchas. If you are trying to find CEDO from other points in town, or are entering town from another area (El Golfo de Santa Clara, Caborca, etc.) please refer to the map below; feel free to print it out, if that would be helpful to you.

– Map of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora (PDF File courtesy of Sonora Turismo)

We recently received yet another map of our town, and it has more detail to help you find just about everything of interest in Peñasco.  Please feel free to download and print this one as well.

– Map of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora (PDF File courtesy of David Hopp & Mike McCoy, Ajo, AZ

If you need to drive up to the CEDO building to unload (bus tours, residential groups, and other special needs) take a right at the first CEDO sign (before the parking area). Then take the first left and wind around to the front gates or upper parking area for temporary access.

If you have any questions about finding CEDO, or anything related to traveling to CEDO, please contact us at (520) 320-5473 in the U.S. or at 638-382-0113 or 0115 in Mexico. You can also email us at

NaturArte Maps of the Puerto Peñasco area and of Ecotourism Destinations

Below are maps of the Puerto Peñasco area, as well as the numerous ecotourism destinations that are a part of our NaturArte project. The first map is of the region, with the second map detailing where CEDO is and the various ecotourism enterprises that can be found along the Estero Morua NaturArte ecotourism corridor. The link below is a Google Maps interactive map of the NaturArte ecotourism corridor and CEDO. Click on the link to visit it. If youhave anyone questions about our NaturArte project please email or call the phone numbers listed above.

– NaturArte Ecotourism Corridor in Google Maps

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