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Information on CEDO’s 2017 Wet Feet Ocean Camp

The Wet Feet Ocean Camp is a bilingual overnight summer camp for youth. This adventure takes place in wetlands, and the rich marine and desert habitats of the Gulf of California.  Accommodations will be provided at CEDO´s Field Station in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.

This year’s theme will be: Our Wetlands, and it will be held from July 6 to 10, 2017.

To register, please fill out the registration form below, where you will be able to pay the $100 deposit. You can also send the registration form to our info@cedo.org email or mail it to CEDO Inc. PO Box 44208 Tucson, AZ 85733. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us by email at info@cedo.org, or by phone at 520-320-5473.

Let’s get our feet wet! 

2017 WFOC registration (open, print, fill out, and mail in!)
– Letter of Interest (provides important information for prospective campers and their parents) – COMING SOON!

*** CEDO wants to offer this camp to children whose families cannot afford the camp fees, especially from Puerto Peñasco and other coastal communities along the Gulf of California. We invite people who can afford it to sponsor a child, so that any child with an interest in learning can come and enjoy a marine adventure at CEDO. A scholarship is $150 per child. If you are interested in providing a scholarship please CLICK HERE or contact CEDO at the email above.

General Information

CEDO’s Wet Feet Ocean Camp is a summer camp for youth both from the US and Mexico, and is a bilingual camp.

Time of Year July / June
Base Cost $415(per child)
Optional Fees $100(per person)
Reservation $100(deducted from Base Cost)
Occupancy Approx. 20

The optional fees are for a trip to Isla San Jorge where campers will have the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions.

The reservation fee is due at minimum one month before the start of the camp, if your reservation fee is not paid by then your spot may be given to people on the wait list.

What will my child be doing at Wet Feet Ocean Camp?

Some common activities include: Wading, swimming, snorkeling, boating, hiking, digging on the beach, cooking, singing, playing, meeting new people, interacting with Spanish speakers, learning new facts, thinking about the future, painting, creating, eating, running, learning something new, and much more!

Don’t worry, English-only speakers will be comfortable interacting in this bilingual camp.

What can I do to prepare my child for the Wet Feet Ocean Camp?

Get them ready for a fantastic experience that will create memories to last a lifetime!  See the list of items to bring below.  And be sure to pack a spirit of adventure and a sense of humor, too!

Recommended Items

Here is what we recommend our campers bring, and what CEDO will be providing for the Wet Feet Ocean Camp.

Campers Should Bring CEDO Will Provide
5-6 changes of clothes Sleeping pad
1 white t-shirt (for t-shirt printing) CEDO Camp t-shirt
Water shoes Workbook
Sunscreen & hat Field Notebook
Refillable water bottle pencils and other supplies
Bathing suit & snorkeling gear First Aid supplies
Sleeping bag Transportation during camp
Personal items, toiletries
Spending money(for shopping at El Malecon)
Binoculars (if you have them)