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CEDO Building Restoration

CEDO needs your help now!

It may feel like the sky is falling these days – certainly sea levels are rising, and conflicts are increasing in Upper Gulf fishing communities, as we all work to avoid the extinction of the Vaquita porpoise.

The world as we know it IS changing.  And at CEDO, in Puerto Peñasco, part of our roof is literally falling down, and other parts of our building must also be repaired before they fall too.  We need your help to make these repairs.

El Castillo or “the Castle”, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora in the late 1970s, before it became CEDO.

The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts Ocean, CEDO’s conservation, research and educational work has been extraordinarily effective and has received worldwide recognition and support. But urgent work is needed to maintain CEDO’s physical home, from which all these projects originate. Funding for repairs cannot come from our program grants.  This is why your help is essential.

Constructed in the 1970s, the main CEDO building, Edificio Agustín Cortés, was originally conceived to be the office building and visitors center for the Las Conchas housing community.  In 1980 CEDO began operating a field station in the facilities, housing researchers and classes interested in basic scientific studies.

Tens of thousands of students from the US and Mexico have learned about the local environment, conducting their studies out of CEDO and thousands of tourists visit CEDO every year to hear our natural history talks, giving all a better understanding of these special places, Puerto Peñasco and the Sea of Cortez.  Staff offices are also housed in the main building known in the early days as “el Castillo” or in English “the Castle”.

In order to do the needed repairs, we will be closing CEDO’s doors this summer from mid-July through August, and we want to make sure we can cover the costs of all the work that needs to be done.  After almost 50 years of wear and tear, exposed to the elements of sun, wind and sea, CEDO critically needs repairs and modernization to keep it standing tall for another 50 years.

Because pieces of the concrete eaves can break loose, it is becoming dangerous for students and staff to walk on the upper deck. We can no longer put the needs of our physical home on the back burner, we must take care of our infrastructure at CEDO and we need your help to do it.

PLEASE HELP US repair CEDO so we can continue our work in a safe environment.

Here is what we need and how you can help:

# Item Cost Per Unit Total
31 Exterior doors + hardware and installation $400 including hardware $12,400
30 Double pane windows + installation $200 + $2000 for installation $8,000
Ceiling, stairway and wall repairs, materials and labor $11,000
Cabinets for kitchen and bathrooms $11,500
Total: $42,900
Donate Now!
$24,070 Raised
$42,900 Goal

 Any amount helps. The work must be done and it’s no better time than now.

*For donations of $400 or more we will include a plaque with your name on it.

It’s time for some spiffing up! Please help us.

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