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Necesito Del Mar porque me enseña
I am in need of the sea because it teaches me
     – Pablo Neruda

The CEDO community center and field station in Puerto Peñasco is internationally recognized as a hub for research, education, conservation, and sustainable development in the northern Gulf of California.

In 1999, we began decorating the inside of our Augustín Cortez Building with an educational tile-mural that we call our “Sea of Support,” because each tile is donated by CEDO supporters from Mexico, the USA, and beyond. The Sea of Support showcases the biodiversity of the underwater and coastal habitats of the Gulf of California, along with the names of everyone who donated a tile. These habitats include the open ocean, Gulf islands, rocky intertidal zone and wetland estuary.

The Rocky Intertidal habitat, designed by University of Arizona Students in 2019, is dedicated to the memory of teacher, author, biologist, husband and father Dr. Raphael David Sagarin, known to his friends and colleagues simply as Rafe. The Rafe we knew and loved was an out-of-the-box thinker who’s academic interests took him to remote parts of Baja California, Mexico, as well as to Washington D.C. Rafe was a long-time CEDO friend, supporter and board member, and had an unrivaled passion for better understanding and appreciating the Gulf of California and Sonoran Desert ecosystems. This exhibit, one of four within our Sea of Support mural, reflects his many years of friendship and scholarly dedication to one of the most fascinating and revealing habitats on Earth, the rocky intertidal zone. At CEDO, Rafe’s legacy lives on in our beautiful mural and in our ongoing education and research programs.


You can become a Sea of Supporter by donating one or a set of multiple tiles; these will gratefully display your name(s) as provided. Your full donation will go directly towards improving CEDO’s laboratory, offices, exhibits, field station and community center. Sea of Supporters enable our shared vision of “vibrant communities AND healthy ecosystems.” We welcome you to join our CEDO family! 
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