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CEDO’s Sea of Support is a hand-painted tile mural that converts the inside of our main building into a beautiful representation of the Gulf of California’s underwater and coastal realm.

The SOS’ rocky sub-tidal reef scene by Alan Ruiz Berman (c).

How to Become a Sea of Supporter…

  • Purchase a single tile to help us complete the open ocean portion of the mural by the end of 2018, via a general $35 USD donation here (please include the name you want to accompany the tile and the note “SOS”).
  • Purchase tiles in our upcoming rocky intertidal and estuary scene. *New tiles still need to be priced, so please check back on this page or email us at with your interest.  These tiles will complete the sea with a final burst of biodiversity, a splash of color, and a flourish of flora and fauna!

In return, we add your name, or the name of your choice, to the mural – next to the donated tiles. The result is a veritable ocean of gratitude that will be a permanent part of CEDO as long as we exist. All donations made to the Sea of Support go towards repairing, restoring and developing our physical facilities, which are of course the bedrock of our programs. 


About the Sea of Support

In the 1970’s, Jacques Cousteau referred to the Sea of Cortez as “The Aquarium of the World.” Sadly, the abundance and diversity of this unique ocean has been greatly depleted, and some marine ecologists have said with sadness that the aquarium has broken. This mural is symbolic of what the Gulf of California was, is, and can be with a little effort from the myriad people to whom it has immeasurable and intrinsic value.

The Sea of Support mural, initiated in 1999, includes a range of marine and coastal habitats, including the open ocean, the rocky inter-tidal, the sea lion colony of Isla San Jorge, and local estuaries like Estero Morúa and Bahia Adair – which represent the third most productive ecosystem in the world!

The beautiful illustrations that make up the mural have been donated to CEDO by friends and talented artists including Jenean Thomson, Carlos Navarro, Heather Green, Alan Ruiz Berman, Peggy Turk Boyer, and others.

A sea horse drawn by CEDO director Peggy Boyer.

In 2018, we are aiming to complete the mural, giving closure to decades of giving, and are introducing two brand new habitats with incredible marine life designs that were donated to us by art students of Ellen McMahon at the University of Arizona.

CEDO’s supporter base is always expanding, and we are truly indebted to all the wonderful people who have helped make the organization what it is today. In appreciation of our donors we will soon be re-designing this webpage so that it includes the names of all of our SOS supporters, next to the tiles they selected, digitally mastered into a panoramic view of the entire Sea of Support – bringing the Northern Gulf of California alive!

The completion of the mural will be celebrated on October 13th, 2018, at the Octopus’ Garden Party at CEDO.