Sea of Support 2016-10-13T12:46:52+00:00
The Open Ocean section of our Sea of Support (SOS) is almost complete! Purchase a personalized tile set and help CEDO fill in the blanks.

With carefully hand painted tiles depicting the names of many of the generous people from our ‘sea of supporters,’ the SOS was a fundraising initiative first brought about to raise funds for the construction of the much needed bath-house. The project proved so popular however that we have kept it going. CEDO now is extending the designs around the entire inner courtyard to include depictions of the Puerto Peñasco rocky intertidal zone and the estuaries of the Northern Gulf of California, the third most productive ecosystem in the world!

Check out several of our existing tiles below. If you click on the picture a larger photo of another tile grouping will pop up so you can truly see how beautiful these tiles are. We will be publishing a photo gallery so all of the tiles will be available to be viewed online, bringing to life the “Aquarium of the World,” as Jacques Cousteau once referred to the Sea of Cortez.

Our list of supporters is ever expanding, and we are truly indebted to all those wonderful people who have helped make CEDO what it is today. In appreciation of our donors we will soon be publishing a webpage with all of our SOS supporters on it and pictures of the tiles they have selected. We also will have photos of the Sea of Support walls so everyone online can see how magical these tiles look when they’re all together, bringing the Northern Gulf of California alive.