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CEDO’s campus in Puerto Peñasco is internationally recognized for being a hub of key research, education, conservation, and sustainable development programs in the northern Gulf of California.

This campus includes a beautiful field station that people have loved visiting since we opened in 1980. In 1999, we becan decorating the inside of our main building, named after the Puerto Peñasco pioneer Augustín Cortez, with an educational Sea of Support: a painted tile mural, funded by visitors, which showcases the biodiversity of the underwater and coastal habitats of this unique eco-region.

Become a Sea of Supporter

You too can become a Sea of Supporter; by sponsoring one or more tiles. These will gratefully display your name(s), and your full donation will go directly towards improving CEDO’s laboratory, offices, field station and community center.

Sea of Supporters like you enable our shared vision of “vibrant communities AND healthy ecosystems,” and we welcome you to join our CEDO family!



First: Choose the northern Gulf of California HABITAT that you want to contribute to:

  1. The Open Ocean and Sandy Bottom
  2. The Gulf Islands (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) & their sub-tidal ecosystem
  3. The Rocky Intertidal Zone
  4. The Wetland Estuary

Second: Choose the amount and type of tiles you wish to donate:

The Open Ocean and Sandy Bottom

  • Plain blue or wave motif tiles: $25 each
  • Single tiles with species: $50 each

The Gulf Islands (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) & their sub-tidal ecosystem

  • 16 tile set (underwater scene): $650

The Rocky Intertidal Zone

  • 1 TILE (1T): $50
  • 2 TILES (2T): $100
  • 4 TILES (4T): $175
  • 6 – 9 TILES (6T-9T): $250
  • 12 TILES (12T): $325
  • 16 TILES (16T): $650

*Click Image to view available tiles for this habitat (some have already been sold)


NOW Click here to go to the EcoShop, select “Sea of Support”, and in the memo specify your personalized inscription.