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Join the CEDO family of committed supporters, and help us give 40 more years of hope to the Northern Gulf of California’s most important ecosystems and the communities that depend on them.

Our membership options are specially designed for supporters like you to contribute at whatever level you can afford, and to recognize your commitment to CEDO’s vision: “Vibrant Communities AND Healthy Ecosystems.”

Memberships start at:

$5 /month (Sustaining Member: for smaller, regular donations that help sustain CEDO)

$100/annum (Sea of Cortéz Family Member: for individuals, partners or families)
$250/annum (Mainstay Member: for those who can do more to support CEDO’s mission)
$1k/annum (Anchor League Member: for those committed to anchoring CEDO’s future)

Choose the Membership Option that best suits you, and welcome to the CEDO family!

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