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We received a donation to CEDO a while back with the following note. This is so precious we just had to share it with you.

catherine1_resizedLast year we got a chance to visit with our family in Arizona and go to CEDO. When I was in Mexico I learned a lot about the environment and the creatures there. Then I got really sick for quite a while. I started feeling better and I just thought that I hear about all the bad things going on and all the things people are doing to mess up the world. Like global warming, killing animals for no good reason or just on accident. catherine3_resized When we went to Mexico we learned that the Vaquita was in danger and I learned that there were very few of them left. I don’t want them to die. I don’t need stuff. I want to see the world become a better place. I want Vaquita to be around when I am grown up. I decided to ask my friends NOT to bring me birthday presents, but to contribute to CEDO to try to save the environment there and protect the animals. My friends were surprised, but they liked it. One even said she thought it was a neat idea to try to help the Vaquita. My mom said some of the parents asked how they could get involved. I had a great birthday party and the best part is that it feels good to know your are helping. Just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference!

–Catherine, age 8

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