CEDO takes an Ecosystem Approach to managing fisheries and the conservation of biological diversity

Ecosystem management requires a deep understanding of ecological AND socio-economic processes, and their many interconnections. CEDO manages two comprehensive ecosystem-encompassing programs in the northern Gulf of California: one in the Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve and the other in the Peñasco-Lobos Biological & Fisheries Corridor in Sonora.

In each of these unique regions, different ecosystem-planning and management tools are being applied using holistic processes that incorporate (A) capacity building for coastal communities, (B) creating forums and providing opportunities for meaningful engagement and participation in management and decision-making, and (C) research and monitoring of the ecosystem and its services. We strive for sustainable, long-term security for local communities through effective, integrated management actions. For example, we use models to predict future scenarios and consider coming impacts such as the effects of climate change on both ecosystems and coastal fisheries.

Where We Work in the Northern Gulf of California – The Upper Gulf and Peñasco-Lobos Corridor