Open Ocean, Sandy Bottom, and Gulf Island Scenes



“Choose your donation amount (and correlated tile or tile-set), then contact us at to choose an open-ocean, sandy-bottom or island species / scene. Species and scenes can be chosen from the existing mural, and are dependent on the size and location of current gaps, however we will do our best to match your preference with the artistic needs of the mural. Single tiles will likely display a single, smaller species, whereas larger sets can accommodate larger and/or multiple species. One large set is still available showing a surface-scene which can include a person(s) kayaking.”

Please choose the number of tiles/donation amounts:



Price (USD)

1 (wave)


1 (species)


Set of 2-3 $75
Set of 4


Set of 5-9


Set of 10-15


Set of >15


Please note personalization for tile(s) when you check out:  Enter the name or names  exactly as you wish them to appear on the tile.

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Beautiful hand crafted tiles showcase the biodiversity of the Sea or Cortez.  Donations made through purchase of these tiles are permanent support for the work of CEDO.


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