Tide Calendars are essential for your adventure in the Northern Gulf of California. To plan your Northern Gulf adventure, whether it’s kayaking or tidepooling or just walking the beach, you will need to know what the tides are doing!

Included in the calendar are the times for high and low tides, and information on new and full moons (when tides are their most extreme). This year, large color photos are found for each month, along with information on selected fisheries.

2016 Calendars may be ordered NOW.  Your calendar order will be processed once CEDO receives the calendars from the printer, currently estimated to be November 30.

No shipping & handling charge will be added to your calendar order for shipping in the United States.

* If you would like to order older tide calendars, please contact us at info@cedointercultural.org.

***Tide Calendars may take up to 2 weeks to deliver