On Saturday October 24, 2015 the Municipal Government of Puerto Peñasco, CEDO and the Clean Beaches Committee of Puerto Peñasco organized a beach cleanup for the city beaches. This local beach cleanup was coordinated with the International Coastal Cleanup Day sponsored by The Ocean Conservancy. The goal of this coordinated event is to create world-wide awareness of the amount and types of trash collecting on beaches and to understand the sources of this trash. The data collected locally is added to a global database to be analyzed along with data in other regions of the world. With this data, we hope to reduce the trash and create solutions for the future.
The Puerto Peñasco beach cleanup involved a total of 319 volunteers representing 11 educational institutions, NGO’s, local government, CEDO, Las Conchas vecinos and the general public. In total 5 beaches and 2 estuaries were cleaned up. In addition to the city beaches, the cleanup also included the estuary in the Ejido Campodónico in Caborca. A total of 120 bags of trash were collected. In Table 1 you can see the details of clean up locations, number of participants and the type of garbage collected.
The organizers hope this event will contribute to the cleanliness of the beaches and also raise awareness about the beach trash problem. The goal is for community members to work together to keep the beaches clean and to work to change of the habits of the residents and visitors to our community.

Tabla 1. Puntos de limpieza, participantes y cantidad de basura colectada en la Limpieza Internacional de Costas 2015 en Puerto Peñasco y Caborca, Sonora.

1.       Las Conchas CEDO Vecinos de Las Conchas y Servicio Social de CEDO 3 1
2.       Mi Playa


CEDO Servicio Social de CEDO, Secundaria 27 29 18
3.       El Mirador H. Ayuntamiento Instituto Sonora 15 10
4.       Playa Hermosa H. Ayuntamiento, CEDO, Asoc. de Palaperos. CIMA, Sec. 37, Asoc. De Palaperos 91 30
5.       Sandy Beach Desarrollo Las Palomas Personal de Desarrollo Las Palomas 35 No disponible
6.       Estero La Choya Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Puerto Peñasco y Sector Naval, Comité de Playas Limpias de Puerto Peñasco Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Puerto Peñasco y Sector Naval 110 30
7.        Estero Morúa


Comité Comunitario de Estero Morúa Comité Comunitario de Estero Morúa 1 1
8.       Estero San Francisquito Grupo Lobos, CEDO Escuela Lázaro Cárdenas, Ejido Campodónico, Caborca 35 30
8 9 11 319 120


For more information, please contact:

Marcia Ortega, General Manager of the Clean Beaches Committee of Puerto Penasco: comiteplayaslimpias.penasco@gmail.com

Tlacaelel Rivera, Deputy Director of the Dept. of Ecology and Sustainable Development Municipal Government of Puerto Peñasco: tlacaelelrivera@gmail.com

Paloma Valdivia, Coordinator of the CEDO Environmental Education Program: paloma@cedointercultural.org

Beach C Estero La ChoyaBeach C Playa Hermosa






Beach C Las Palomas Beach & Gift Resort 1Beach C Mi Playa







Beach C playa San Francisquito Beach C Playa el Mirador