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Job Announcement. Administrator.

December 21st, 2017|Comments Off on Job Announcement. Administrator.

Position Open 15 January, 2015  Administrator CEDO, the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, is looking for a dynamic hard-working, detail-oriented, computer savvy person to serve as manager of the institution’s financial [...]

NY Times, 02/27/2017 – Before Vaquitas Vanish, A Desperate Bid to Save Them

60 Minutes  – Vaquita was featured on 60 Minutes on Sunday, 22 May. The segment aired at 8pm PST.  The preview is available at: Preview: The Last Vaquitas.  You can also connect via the CBS weblink, please note that you need a subscription to 60 Minutes All Access to view the full video.

CNN – First up will be CNN International 9pm PST (which simulcasts on CNN US 12 Midnight).   This is one of two TV reports (English version). Next a significantly longer, more in depth DIGITAL version posts on CNN.COM sometime around 7am ET (Sunday). This has a video component and a very substantial text piece. And finally, throughout the day on Monday there is a second TV report for CNN En Espanol, which is obviously in Spanish.

SWFSC website – Read more about vaquita science and conservation at:

Some of the recent press coverage of the CIRVA results:

AP / Mark Stevens 13 May, Mexico’s porpoise headed toward extinction

Los Angeles Times / Sandra Dibble 16 May 2016, Only 60 vaquita porpoises are left in Gulf of California, and gill-net fishing is to blame, experts say

New York Times / Elisabeth Malkin 14 May 2016, World’s Smallest Porpoise Slips Closer to Extinction

CNN / Omar Vidal 16 May 2016 (opinion piece), Mr. President, save Mexico’s ‘panda of the sea‘


–          Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), Mexico

–          IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group

–          Operation Milagro, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

–          Can the Vaquita be Saved from Extinction? NOAA Fisheries Podcast

–          West Coast Regional Office, NOAA Fisheries Flicker

–, Saving the Desert Porpoise, Video

–          New video by Wild Len (released 17 May), Souls of the Vermillion Sea, Video


SEMARNAT (Mexican Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources)

Homepage of SEMARNAT see photo slider:

SEMARNAT Press release:

Constata Titular de Semarnat presencia de vaquita marina en Alto Golfo de California




SAGARPA (Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Evalúan SEMARNAT, SEMAR y CONAPESCA el programa de protección a la vaquita marina en el Alto Golfo de California


Mexico Launches Intensive Survey for Endangered Vaquita

Mexican Expedition Sights Rare and Endangered Vaquita Porpoise

For weekly updates from the field: Vaquita Expedition 2015


For social media (NOAAFisheries and SEMARNAT) Fisheries Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: #Vaquita #VaquitaMarina #VaquitaExpedition2015 #ExpedicionVaquita2015 #SEMARNAT #NOAAFisheries #AltoGolfoCalifornia

SAGARPA (Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Evalúan SEMARNAT, SEMAR y CONAPESCA el programa de protección a la vaquita marina en el Alto Golfo de California

The story is getting some great Mexican press:

Ven señales de recuperación de vaquita marina – El Universial 1 Oct 2015

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