March 8, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
$75 USD
Aarón Ramírez
(638) 382-0113

Navigate silently on a kayak through the tranquil waters of one of Puerto Peñasco’s estuaries and enjoy watching some of the rare and endemic bird species while learning from an expert naturalist guide all about estuary ecology, biology and human interaction.

Heavily dependent on the astrological interaction between the sun, the moon and the earth, high tides in the Upper Gulf of California allow naturalist enthusiasts to access otherwise inaccessible estuary channels that fan out into the salt marsh. It is in these channels where a plethora of species can be observed; fiddler crabs, flounder, egrets, willets, long billed curlews, and herons along with many other migratory bird species and halophyte plants use these hypersaline ecosystems as refuge, hatcheries, nurseries, feeding and breeding grounds as well as resting places for migrating bird species.