May 11, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
$150 USD
Aarón Ramírez

Located south of San Jorge, Bird Island has been identified by local people and tourists as a unique tourist attraction due to its beautiful scenery, its unique location, and the amount of different species that can be found inland or in its surrounding waters. Navigate the Sea of Cortes alongside an experienced naturalist guide, and on special occasions, with hundreds of dolphins swimming nearby, and listen as the guide goes over some of the geologic processes involved in the creation of the Island, as well as some factors associated with species distribution in marine ecosystems. Once we reach the destination and with use of a pair of binoculars, try to identify some bird species using bird guides provided by the naturalist guide. After birdwatching, put on your swimming gear and jump off to have a playful swim with the curious sea lions swimming by and take a peek at the marvelous underwater sea life. For more information please check our EcoTour calendar @www.cedo.org, email us at info@cedo.org, or call us at +01 52 (683) 638-0113.