Catching Up With CEDO in 2018

In 2018, CEDO's New Year’s Resolution is to double our efforts and better communicate the exciting and unprecedented work that we are doing in the northern Gulf of California, and beyond, to our friends, followers, and supporters. We are moving fast and leaving wakes, so read on and don't get left behind! The famous [...]

End of 2017 Address

By Peggy J. Turk Boyer. Peggy is the Executive Director at CEDO and the driving force behind all of our programs.    December 15, 2017 Dear friend of CEDO, Angeles Sánchez, one of CEDO's ~25 dedicated staff members, recalls the story of an elder woman from the San Jorge Bay fishing community asking a group [...]

San Jorge Bay Fishermen Become Local Sea Lion Stewards 

The Sea Lion Monitoring Group For the past seven years, a group of artisanal fishermen from the San Jorge Bay region of the northern Gulf of California, have been monitoring and actively promoting the conservation of the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) population on the Island of San Jorge (Bird Island), one of the largest [...]

Community Committee created at Morua Estuary

By Angeles Sanchez and Hiram Peña, Puerto Penasco, October 26, 2015      The Morua Estuary is a wetland of great economic, social and biological importance for the Puerto Peñasco region. Critical biological processes that occur in the esuary include the breeding and nesting of the Least Tern (Sternulla antillarum) as well as the cultivation of [...]

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Osprey – (Pandion haliaetus)

Ospreys, carnivorous birds of prey, are superb fishers and indeed eat little else—fish make up some 99 percent of their diet. Because of this appetite, these birds can be found near ponds, rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways around the world. Ospreys hunt by diving to the water's surface from some 30 to 100 feet (9 [...]

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Advancing Sustainable Livelihoods for Small-Scale Fishers

Lessons from a Divers' Cooperative in Northern Gulf of California, Mexico This document was published in June, 2014 between the Rare Fisherman's Association and CEDO. It appears you do not have a PDF Viewer installed. You may view the pdf by downloading the file here. 

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