Wetlands Connect People to the Desert and Sea

Wetlands in ​​the northern Gulf of California, in addition to being enigmatic landscapes where the desert turns into a green oasis, are ecosystems that integrate incredible biodiversity and a wide range of “ecosystem services,” for example, acting as nurseries for local fisheries and mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration. Fishermen in Puerto Lobos preparing [...]

Our 2018 Tide Calendar Is Ready For Order!

Our 2018 Tide Calendar is ready for order! All proceeds go directly to our on-the-ground community-building and conservation work in the northern Gulf of California, bringing together people, knowledge and solutions! The theme of our 2018 Calendar is climate change and its effects on marine ecosystems, and it contains lots of great, scientifically accurate information [...]

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CEDO Environmental Contest 2017

21 Years Fostering Leadership in Youth of the Upper Gulf After more than two months of hard work, CEDO’s 21st Environmental Contest came to a close, with participation of approximately 1,000 students and teachers from ten communities in both the states of Sonora and Baja California in the Northern Gulf of California region. [...]

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Puerto Peñasco’s Sandy Beach is Certified!

By Paloma Valdivia Over 10 years ago Don Carlos Cañez Tiznado (D.E.P.), Public Official and active board member of the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, had a dream that the beaches of Puerto Peñasco would be recognized and acknowledged for being clean and beautiful. This dream was finally realized as [...]

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20th CEDO Environmental Contest! Fishing for the Future: The Ecosystem is the Key

By Paloma Valdivia, Education & Outreach Coordinator and Efraín Wong López Cuellar, Education Assistant On April 23 took place the award ceremony for our 20th Environmental Contest. After two months or hard working, students from 10 different communities of the Upper Gulf of California, gathered in our Field Station in Rocky Point to celebrate. The main theme was Fishing for [...]

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Fisherman Exchange Experiences

Author: Hiram Peña, Assistant Director For several years there has been a decrease in the abundance of marine resources and the reduction in size of some species, especially groupers, sharks and rays, and benthic resources such as rock scallop. This decrease highlights the need to stop the exploitation of these resources and safeguard ecological processes [...]

CEDO sponsored 2 CETMAR students to attend conference on “Technology and the Sea”

Students Carlos Enrique Robles Torres and Carlos Ramón Robles Torres, both 5th semester students at the CETMAR #14 technological high-school and each focusing on industrial food production and aquatic recreation respectively, received support from the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) to take part in the XXII Science and Sea Technology [...]

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