San Jorge Bay Fishermen Become Local Sea Lion Stewards 

The Sea Lion Monitoring Group For the past seven years, a group of artisanal fishermen from the San Jorge Bay region of the northern Gulf of California, have been monitoring and actively promoting the conservation of the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) population on the Island of San Jorge (Bird Island), one of the largest [...]

Our 2018 Tide Calendar Is Ready For Order!

Our 2018 Tide Calendar is ready for order! All proceeds go directly to our on-the-ground community-building and conservation work in the northern Gulf of California, bringing together people, knowledge and solutions! The theme of our 2018 Calendar is climate change and its effects on marine ecosystems, and it contains lots of great, scientifically accurate information [...]

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Climate change indicators in the Mexican Pacific

A document outlining the potential implications for climate change to Coastal Communities in the Mexican Pacific. The document takes into account factors such as employment, education, population, and healthcare and use this in order to determine a communities adaptability with regards to Climate Change. Please Review the document below for additional details.

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