by Peggy J. Turk Boyer

This week we began urgent repair work at the CEDO field station in Puerto Peñasco.  As a community resource center, CEDO offers many services from meetings with fishermen and educational programs for youth, to a place for researchers and classes to visit from the U.S. This is why it is so important to do these building repairs; these facilities are the foundation for our work, a resource for the community and an icon for Puerto Peñasco.  The building was in such disrepair that it became dangerous for our visitors.

We have closed CEDO for the summer, aiming to have our repairs completed by the end of August. We cannot do so without your help!

So far we have raised $15,000, but we are still $27,000 short of our goal.  With the funds we have now we will finish the ceiling and foundational repairs, but we also need to replace exterior doors and windows, which are very difficult to open.  If we have enough money, we will use dual pane vinyl covered energy efficient windows, taking a step in the direction of sustainable energy use for CEDO’s facilities.  We are looking to you, our CEDO amigo, to help us reach our goal and improve CEDO for years to come! Please consider donating, any amount helps.

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