Our 2018 Tide Calendar is ready for order! All proceeds go directly to our on-the-ground community-building and conservation work in the northern Gulf of California, bringing together people, knowledge and solutions! The theme of our 2018 Calendar is climate change and its effects on marine ecosystems, and it contains lots of great, scientifically accurate information paired with pictures of regional flora, fauna, people and habitats. In addition there is a coloring-book page version of the decorative cover, showcasing original artwork by CEDO’s own Communications Coordinator, Alan Ruiz Berman. You won’t want to miss this year’s educational and beautiful tide calendar, even if you live far away from the northern Gulf.

If you are planning a northern Gulf adventure, whether it’s kayaking, tidepooling or just walking the beach, you will need to know what the tides are doing! Included in the calendar are the times for high and low tides, and information on new and full moons (when tides are their most extreme).

2018 Calendars may be ordered NOW.

No shipping & handling charge will be added to your calendar order for shipping in the United States.

Calendars are available on our online Eco-Shop (link below) and in our Gift Shop at CEDO in Puerto Peñasco/Rocky Point.

*Tide Calendars may take up to 2 weeks to deliver. If you want yours mailed to you BEFORE X-MAS you must order it before Sat. the 16th of December. Thank you!